Role Of Affiliates In Poker Rooms

The role of affiliates remains uncertain and low on the priority as per gaming regulations.

This is becoming evident as per Chief Executive of Remote Gambling Association. Clive Hawks Wood, who handles this position, spoke at the Betting on Sports conference that was held in London recently. Here the issue of affiliates was discussed with respect to regulations for online gaming. This is a reflection of the current trends that are in place. Regulators offer licensing across countries in Europe. Affiliates are definitely not a primary issue here. This could also be because affiliates and their role in the online gaming industry are still not grasped well by the regulators. The Gambling commission has recently issued a paper on social gaming, eSports and virtual currencies that are seen pertinent in the world of online gaming.

Here the affiliate issue is still not being talked about. It definitely makes sense as most gaming regulators do not understand much about online gambling. They are getting educated about this world slowly as most of these people do not indulge in online gaming themselves. The issue of affiliates is definitely seen low in the list of priorities for the gaming regulators.

Role of affiliates in general is that marketers who are linked to online gaming sites. Affiliates usually link up to these sites and get players to sign up based on which they are paid a commission. Many affiliates have sites of their own where they advertise gambling sites. If anyone clicks on their links and signs up at a poker room or gambling site that is linked to the clicks, the affiliates get paid. Before affiliate sites did not offer anything worthy of reading or browsing besides ads and flash banners of different sites. Today they offer associated content and help increase traffic to online gaming or gambling sites.

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