Paul Volpe is a Consistent Player ofPhiladelphia

He has started playing from 2008. He has started playing professionally from this year.

He is very consistent player of the poker he has been played very gratefully and improving his graph. His career graph was growing continuously till 2013. He was at the top level of career in 2013, but afterwards he has down his performance and till the date he has came back to 1st level o career from when he started. He is placed at 81st rank in this 2015 poker player year he has gained 926 points and total winnings for this were $310,952.

He has been playing withWorld Series of poker in which he has total $748,847 winnings, 19 career cashes he has won, he has went through 2 final tables in this series and he has won 1 bracelet in this series in 2011. Card player that has struggled in the beginning later started his way of adventuring the game of poker..He has gain 1440 points in this series and he known as paulgees81. He has won $1,131,652 in world poker tour, 6 career cashes he has won, and he has went through 2 final tables. In European poker tour $51,938 he has won.

Recently he has played on 24th April 2015. The series which was organized this game was world poker tour championship in which he has placed at 16th place and total winnings was $8,563. This was the biggest series of the year till the date. His has performed well in this series and ranked at this position. His top cash match he played on 28th Feb. 2013. This was main event of world poker tour. This was and classic poker tour, he was placed at 2nd rank in this series from 517 entries. He has won $651,170 in this series and 1750 points.

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Patrik Antonius Calling Rightly With Queen High and Kenneth Vaas Winning Kings of Vegas package

Patrik Antonius is one of those rare players who keeps high level of consistency in winning high stake ring games, irrespective of the kind of action taking place online or off. He is also known for his unorthodox poker play and most of the times is found correct with his judgments.
The blog title “Patrik Plays Queen High” at Full Tilt recall one of the “don’t try it at home” occasion, which featured Antonius with just queen high on an ace-high board called rightly an over-bet on the river. For further details you can visit the Full Tilt blog to know how he pulled it off and also there is a video posted there that will allow you to watch it as it has been played by him.

News in the blog is Kenneth Vass winning the Kings of Vegas Package worth $6,000. If you are not aware, Partypoker is gifting away Kings of Vegas package numbering 25 and the luxury package is worth $6k. The package include an opportunity to visit Sin City where you can participate in WPT500 Aria.

Kenneth Vass, the recreational online poker player from Canada is the freshest to win the prize which would allow him to visit City of the Lights. The blog with the title on his way to WPT500, says that Kenneth Vass is more than excited with his luck of winning the free offer to play the $2 million prize money tournament WPT500 Aria via the Kings of Vegas package.

Well, he is also nervous as he is not accustomed playing live as he had no experience of it in the past. All he said was that he was highly excited but also honestly nervous at the same time. He further said he has never touched real chips with his hand as he has not played live poker, however the chance offered to him is a great opportunity to redeem what he lacked for the live events and at the same time improving on his poker face. Good luck to you Kenneth for your first live tournament.

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American Gaming Association Wish to Support Gaming In Japan

Japan is country where gaming is not legal but this country has a big mass who want gaming into their country. Now, these people are to going to have support of an unusual associate in the United States. This associate is none other than the American Gaming Association that itself is willing to support the country so that the casino gambling could be legalized.

There is pending bill related to the legalizing the casino gambling in the country. A number of legislators including Mr. Shinzo Abe who is Prime minister of the Japan, are in favor to pass this bill as soon as possible. There is big reason behind making haste for passing this bill is that the country is going to host the 2020 Summer Olympics also known as Games of the XXXII Olympiad, and all legislators want to pass the bill before this Summer Olympics because it would encourage the tourism as well as it would also increase the tax revenue.

This is such a bill that is supported by a number of legislators along with the Prime minister of the Japan but it could not be passed in the country. Due to one or another reason, the bill could not receive enough traction that it could be passed. One of the greatest reasons behind this is a minority coalition partner, Komeito who is backed by Buddhist, they believe that if the gamming bill pass in the country it would not be in favor of the residents of the country because gambling cannot be socially responsible.

There are a number of casino operators who are planning for integrated casino resorts; they also want to this gambling bill should be passed in this session because if it could not be passed, they could not execute their plan. Have a fun!

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Chance Kornuth is among the upcoming underdogs in poker

Most globally renowned poker professional players have had to go through the World Series of Poker and performed outstandingly.

This event is considered by the GPI as one of the most significant when preparing its weekly best top 300-players internationally. In a recent evaluation by the Global Poker Index (GPI), Chance Kornuth from the USA scored 2099.86 GPI points that placed him in the 130th place as of February 2015. However, this is not the only time he has been on the glare of publicity as he rose to global prominence when he clinched the WSOP bracelet years back. Along these tracks, it is crucial to pore over his notable winnings in covered tournaments to impute why he got this ranking.

At the fore of his resume is his WSOP bracelet that slipped in his trophy case in the $5,000 PLO where he brought the final table down to garner a whacking $508,090 in 2010. Later on the same year, he appeared in the PokerStars EPT Main Event in London where he placed 18th to walk away with £21,000. The following year, he played at the WSOP in a $2,500 NLHE finishing 131st to wring out $5,680. In 2012 at the WSOP, he cashed in the $1,500 NLHE for a 49th place to get $10,388, at the $10,000 NLHE Main Event finishing 156th for $52,718 and finally in the $3,000 NLHE Shootout emerging 22nd to rake in $9,086.

The same year saw him venture into the WSOP/E €3,250 NLHE Shootout finishing 14th to get €5,428. 2013 saw him appear in the WSOP again, first at the $1,111 Little One for One Drop NLHE cashing for 345th to get $2,354 and the $10,000 PLO Championship for a 34th position alongside $22,828.
Recently in 2015, he ventured into the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Main Event coming third to garner $641,140. As of February 2015, he had amassed $1,542,185 in live tournaments only.

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Becki Vincent: Experienced Moody Poker Player

Becki Vincent was born United State. She started playing her 1st tournament in the year 1991.

In her first tournament she won $ 660 and got 6th rank in Las Vegas, Queen Poker Classic event. Her next tournament was in the same city of Las Vegas which was US Open Event, in which she scored 4th position and won $ 2,624. In the year 1991 she played four big tournaments and scored top ranks. She continued playing in the year 1992. In this year she only played for two tournaments and had score top ranks. After that she also played in the year 1994. This year she played for only one tournament, in which her and winning amount had gone bit low.

She had some top wining tournaments, in which she won a heavy amount of cash. Her most top cashed tournament was played in the year 1993 in Las Vegas. In this event she won $ 18,860 and was ranked 2nd the tournament. After that her largest tournament which she played was in the year 1992 in which she ranked 1st and had won $ 16,805.
She stopped playing after 1994 and had taken a small gap of six year. In the year 2000 she played her next tournament in Las Vegas. After a gap of six year also she had won a good rank of 8th and got $1,190 as prize money.

After these tournaments also she took a big gap of twelve year. When, she returned back she was again in her full sprit of wining. She played this event in the year 20012 in Los Angeles. The event was LA Poker Classic. In this event also scored a top rank of 7th and had won $2,250.This was her last event played in the LA. After this event she was not registered for any events.

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Ylon Schwartz-Poker to have won 1 WSOP

When you do wish to play the game, there are endless choices to go on when you look for a game to be played.

Yet the choice which you prefer matters the most so. When you look for a game like poker, you need to be really known of the tricks and also the logics which every game possesses so. You get the point? This is what you need to learn to excel the game in order to shine in it.

Another player who is very professional in the game of poker is this Ylon Schwartz. He is a great sportsperson not only in poker but also in chess too. This player is from the native of New York. In his whole career, he has won around 11 cashes in the World Series. He started his career as a chess player by winning the first game where he got only 2 dollars. But, in the later period he got around 2300 point from USCF and also 2260 points from FIDE in the year of 2008. Then he won the title of FIDE Master which gave him a huge and a wide popularity worldwide.

Obtained 25 cash:

In the public school he learnt, he started to play the games. He spent the whole time in playing the games like, chess, backgammon, and also gambling too. Then by his fellow player he was made known about the Poker game. Just on the debut at 2 games of poker, he won both of them gaining huge popularity. Recently, in the 43rd World Series Poker, Ylon won his 1st bracelet in the successful manner which made his pride spread all over the world. Also, this player has won around 25 cashes which is another achievement by him.

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Tobias Reinkemier makes Tough for Opponent Player

Tobias Reinkemeier is a German professional poker player best known for winning the Season 7 European Poker Tour Grand Final €25,000. He has played for all international poker games all over the world. Cashes on his name in other games he has played at various poker tournaments. He is player who has 3 bracelets on his name in world’s series of poker tournament. He is talented player who has cashes and bracelet in world poker tournament.

He is player who has amount of $231,093 on his name in European poker tournament. He is a player who has large amount on his name. He is player who has tiles and 10 championships on his name in the poker tournament. He is player who has no championships on his name. He is a player who has large number of cashes on his name in a world poker tournament. He is a player who played for many final tables in World Series of poker game. He is not so much famous poker player but he is professional player of Poker. When it is game of poker you need lot of concentration and efforts to play the game of poker. Once a player achieves this target or goal he makes his path successful in game of poker.

He is player who has very good skills in playing the poker game. He is player who has very less success in the game of poker. He has ranking of 1371 in his carrier of poker game. He is player who has 1 final table in world poker tournament. He is a player of great sincerity and dedication in the game of poker. He is a player who makes task easy by understanding the game and then start playing game. He is renowned player with great talent and sincerity.

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Ted Forrest-Poker possesses 6 bracelets

When you plan to choose a game, you can choose a game that offers peace to your mind. You need to choose the game which can be a perfect option for you to proceed upon. There are a lot many games, yet a game like Poker is quite something as it’s easy to manage by a professional who knows the game backwards too. Such a professional is Ted because he holds 6 bracelets.
Ted Forrest is a player from America. The player resides is Nevada. He was born in New York in 1964. The player has won the very three bracelets in the very same year that is 1993 thus making the audience and also the people to pay attention towards him. He is such a professional player, who paid his focus on playing only poker after 1990’s. Again by the year 2004, the player played Poker, and has won 2 bracelets making a dazzling victory. The player also has won the WPT title too, making him turn as a very professional and a sound player. The Poker player is given the nicknames as professor backwards, The suicide king, the hitman and also as spooky.
As spooky:
The player has played and also has won the bracelets in these following years three times in 1993, 2 times in 2004 and also once in 2014 too. But, it’s a tragedy that the player has lost his first three bracelets which was actually stolen, and the another bracelet he offered to his daughter, then he has locked the one more bracelet of his. The player is much knowable for his high stake gambling. By the year 2014, Ted gave a defeat to Phil Hellmuth who is the very renowned player too in the field of poker, which is a Razz event.

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Yevgeniy Timoshenko, a famous online poker player

The date of birth of Yevgeniy Timoshenko in the year of 1988 in ‘Kharkiv city’ at Ukraine. Due to some problems, he came to Mukilteo city in Washington at that time his age was only 10. In the year of 2003 he gets exposed to poker game, when he was learning his high schools, and he had known that it is a money making game, and he get more attracted to this poker game. He started playing the poker game with his friends in high school with fewer stakes and after that he moved to other professions and also he started playing online poker game.

While playing online poker game, he gained the more points on free site and started earning the money. After gaining the lots of experience in the online poker game, he decided to play poker tournament which are live, and he apply his all knowledge in poker game when he plays the live tournament. He made such a vector at the age of 21. There is a limitation for playing the poker game and that the age should be above 18 years. In the year of 2007 and in the month of April, he won the tournament at Dublin at paddy power Irish open and final he played in the Paris open as well as in Aussie Millions.

In the year of 2008 he made vector on the main event of the poker tour in Asia as well as he take the 2nd place in European poker event and secured 3rd place in World Series of poker (WSOP). The large amount of vectors in his life came in the year of 2009 at world poker tour world championship in which he earn the 2,149,960 dollars. Again in 2009 he won the world championship of online poker (WCOOP), and he gain the 1,715,200 dollar in the cash amount this is one of the biggest vectors in his life.

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Ted Forrest: a poker player who never gives up

Ted Forrest was born in New York on 24th day in the month of September of the year 1964. At present, he lives in Nevada. He is one of the most successful poker players, and that is the reason he has gained a nickname as “Hitman Spooky.” Till now, he has won a total of six bracelets in World Series of Poker; of which three are from the ‘WSOP main event’ of the year 1993. By the year 1990, he started playing poker at a professional level. He won two bracelets in WSOP 2004. He is one of the “World Poker Tour” title winners. He is a great poker player, and he has managed to finish at final tables of WSOP for a remarkable five times. He won a cash prize of $500,000 in the year 2006 when he won the national heads-up tournament.
He won a cash prize of $1,100,000 when he cracked the Shooting Stars Championship in the year 2007. He won his 6th bracelet in the year 2014, when he beat his rival Phil Hellmuth and won a cash prize of $121,196. By the year 2014, his total earning out of poker games reached over $6,175,000. Out of this, he has earned $1,745,338 in WSOP events only. He is a highly competitive player with his unique playing style and aggression. He finished at 408th position in 2006 WSOP main event. The year 1993 was the year for this man. He won three bracelets that year along with earnings of three huge cash prizes of $74,000, $120,000 and $114,000.
At World Series of Poker, he has cashed three times whereas, in the ‘World Poker Tour’ event, he has cashed 11 times. He won two bracelets in the year 2004 along with $111,440 and $300,000 cash prizes. He is one of the most famous poker players of all time and usually he is interested only in playing money games.

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