Howard Henry Lederer-Successful player with 2 WSOP bracelets and WPT titles

Plentiful games are there to play, but only few games are playable by many individuals due to the interest which the game brings in. Also, some games are played much professionally, where Poker is also one such interesting game being playable by professional players. Among such professional Poker players, Howard Henry Lederer was born in Concord by the year 1963. Being an American player, Howard Henry turned contributing various books which insist on playing Poker games with the strategies. Also, Howard Henry was given the nickname as The Professor.


Sorel Mizzi

Professional Pokers are plentiful and many players turn playing this game for the craze that the players possess. Among such professional Pokers, Sorel Mizzi is the Canadian based American Poker player. Sorel was born in April 16, 1986 in Canada.

Playing Poker is his hobby which he plays online under the name Imper1um and as Zangbezan24. Sorel has earned a lot through playing online Poker game. Live tournament of Sorel includes a finish at the tenth place by the year 2006 Ultimate Bet Aruba Poker Classic.

Playing very much professionally:


Gruissem wins a High Roller

Philipp Gruissem brought down the £100,000 purchase in World Poker Tour Alpha8 occasion in London, acquiring $1,379,840 two days later of work at the sumptuous Palm Beach on Mayfair.

Gruissem outlived individual Germans Tobias Reinkemeier and Igor Kurganov, and also high-stakes master Scott Seiver at the last table. Seiver completed second for $815,360 after an over and over again heads-up duel with Gruissem.


World Poker Tour joins hands with DraftKings

WPT has reportedly checked in with a partnership agreement with Boston based leading real-cash fantasy sports site DraftKings.

The partnership deal will have the Boston site serving as exclusive regular fantasy sports portal for World Poker Tour that would run live contests and promotions at the WPT stops, for the rest of XII Season in US.

Added to being the site for WPT’s live contests and promotions, DraftKings would also host different parties for the WPT players at WPT Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble & Doyle Brunson 5 Diamond World Poker Classic.


John Monnette as an aggressive player

A very successful player, John Monnette is also a very aggressive one. He does not mince his words, nor does he control his emotions. He has never been known for his calm and cool nature; if there are no fireworks when he is on the table, it would be a surprise.

Though a very temperamental player, he has proved his hand at the game and has shown the world what he can do. His grip over the game has taken him places and he is now the most reckoned player in the circuit. For more than a decade now, he has been playing and winning.



According to the tracking of HighstakesDB, OMGClayAiken is the 3rd on the list of the biggest poker winners. His real name is Phil Galfond, who was born in Maryland as an American poker professional.


Bad Games into Worse Games

As we all aware that a player must have good, perfect and correct decision making tendency during his/her play. There are some basic things which a player should keep in mind while playing any of the poker games.

The good decision will lead a player to the great winning success and likewise the bad decision will lead a player towards losing huge amount of money. The player should have capability and tendency in taking write decision on each stage of the poker game during his/her play. The main thing which a player should not lose is their concentration and decision power.


Theo Jorgensen Getting Back to his Normal Life

Last year Theo Jorgensen was attacked in his own home and he was shot by robbers total three times. This incidence is over for Theo Jorgensen and his family. Now they are getting back to his normal life.


Will Annie Duke Really Make A Come Back?

For some weeks now the work has continued to be treated with amazing poker shows. With most players displaying their professional tactics making the poker games more thrilling and a must watch. For some reason, even the old legends, people who left the games years ago can resist getting back to the table. Maybe for the cash because, as recently witnessed, the amount of cash being played for is quite irresistible. Or maybe, it’s the love of the games.


Poker Player Ylon Schwartz

Ylon Schwartz is one of the most famous professional poker players and chess masters in New York. He was born in 1970 in New York, and got started in strategy games by playing the game of chess during his youth - and he did so well that he soon became a FIDE Chess Master. Moving on to texas holdem was merely the next obvious step.