American Gaming Association Wish to Support Gaming In Japan

Japan is country where gaming is not legal but this country has a big mass who want gaming into their country. Now, these people are to going to have support of an unusual associate in the United States. This associate is none other than the American Gaming Association that itself is willing to support the country so that the casino gambling could be legalized.

Chance Kornuth is among the upcoming underdogs in poker

Most globally renowned poker professional players have had to go through the World Series of Poker and performed outstandingly.

Becki Vincent: Experienced Moody Poker Player

Becki Vincent was born United State. She started playing her 1st tournament in the year 1991.


Ylon Schwartz-Poker to have won 1 WSOP

When you do wish to play the game, there are endless choices to go on when you look for a game to be played.

Yet the choice which you prefer matters the most so. When you look for a game like poker, you need to be really known of the tricks and also the logics which every game possesses so. You get the point? This is what you need to learn to excel the game in order to shine in it.

Tobias Reinkemier makes Tough for Opponent Player

Tobias Reinkemeier is a German professional poker player best known for winning the Season 7 European Poker Tour Grand Final €25,000. He has played for all international poker games all over the world. Cashes on his name in other games he has played at various poker tournaments. He is player who has 3 bracelets on his name in world’s series of poker tournament. He is talented player who has cashes and bracelet in world poker tournament.


Ted Forrest-Poker possesses 6 bracelets

When you plan to choose a game, you can choose a game that offers peace to your mind. You need to choose the game which can be a perfect option for you to proceed upon. There are a lot many games, yet a game like Poker is quite something as it’s easy to manage by a professional who knows the game backwards too. Such a professional is Ted because he holds 6 bracelets.


Yevgeniy Timoshenko, a famous online poker player

The date of birth of Yevgeniy Timoshenko in the year of 1988 in 'Kharkiv city' at Ukraine. Due to some problems, he came to Mukilteo city in Washington at that time his age was only 10. In the year of 2003 he gets exposed to poker game, when he was learning his high schools, and he had known that it is a money making game, and he get more attracted to this poker game. He started playing the poker game with his friends in high school with fewer stakes and after that he moved to other professions and also he started playing online poker game.


Ted Forrest: a poker player who never gives up

Ted Forrest was born in New York on 24th day in the month of September of the year 1964. At present, he lives in Nevada. He is one of the most successful poker players, and that is the reason he has gained a nickname as “Hitman Spooky." Till now, he has won a total of six bracelets in World Series of Poker; of which three are from the 'WSOP main event' of the year 1993. By the year 1990, he started playing poker at a professional level. He won two bracelets in WSOP 2004. He is one of the “World Poker Tour” title winners.


British poker players bank over US$ 8 million in winnings

On Tuesday, the Main event of the World Series of Poker 2014 reached its final table and the poker world saw the November Nine. Sadly, in spite of several courageous efforts, none of the 9 surviving poker players are from Ireland and United Kingdom, concluding the World Series of Poker for another twelve months.

In spite of not having anyone representing British shores at the Main Event final table of World Series of Poker 2014, this year’s tournament was a huge success, one which saw British players arrive at the money spots on 280 occasions, cashes which come to a merged US$ 8007032.


Brand new Poker Room by Unibet

Unibet's brand new autonomous poker stage went live recently for true cash play. In spite of the fact that just recognized as "beta test," that stage is pushed on the site as the essential poker advertising. Its past poker room, a skin on MPN of Microgaming, is marginal as the "Old Poker."

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