Online Poker Plan In Illinois Might Take Shape

The Illinois House will be considering the option of an online poker plan in Illinois to make it a legal gambling option.

It has been found by the lawmakers in Illinois that many of its residents are resorting to illegal online gambling. They are trying their luck out in many of the unregistered and unregulated online websites that are operated by offshore operators. These offshore operators are not bound by the taxation or the regulation in the United States. By making online poker sites legal in Illinois the government can earn a decent income in the form of taxation and the Illinois residents can play their favorite games without any inhibitions and worries.

The bill for the online casino games is already cleared by the Senate through a 42 to 10 vote a few weeks ago. This new measure will now be considered in the House Executive Committee. The bill was HB 479 and it was introduced in January. There was a feeling that this bill will not gain good momentum in 2017. But, on the contrary, now the bill has been cleared by the Senate and it is now up to the House Executive Committee to give its clearance to make it legal.

The Poker Players Alliance has decided to support the measure when it comes up at the meeting that is said to take place next week. The legislation is sponsored by Rep. Michael Zalewski in the House and by Senators Pat McGuire, Kwame Raoul, Napoleon Harris, Steve Stadelman and Dave Syverson of the legislative chamber.

If the online poker plan gives a nod, it is estimated to bring about $300 million in revenue to the Illinois state. Bringing the online poker to Illinois can give a good boost to the live poker games. The Illinois poker market stands at $33.4 million in the first three months of this year and is down by nine percent compared to its revenues last year during the same period.

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