Paul Volpe is a Consistent Player ofPhiladelphia

He has started playing from 2008. He has started playing professionally from this year.

He is very consistent player of the poker he has been played very gratefully and improving his graph. His career graph was growing continuously till 2013. He was at the top level of career in 2013, but afterwards he has down his performance and till the date he has came back to 1st level o career from when he started. He is placed at 81st rank in this 2015 poker player year he has gained 926 points and total winnings for this were $310,952.

He has been playing withWorld Series of poker in which he has total $748,847 winnings, 19 career cashes he has won, he has went through 2 final tables in this series and he has won 1 bracelet in this series in 2011. Card player that has struggled in the beginning later started his way of adventuring the game of poker..He has gain 1440 points in this series and he known as paulgees81. He has won $1,131,652 in world poker tour, 6 career cashes he has won, and he has went through 2 final tables. In European poker tour $51,938 he has won.

Recently he has played on 24th April 2015. The series which was organized this game was world poker tour championship in which he has placed at 16th place and total winnings was $8,563. This was the biggest series of the year till the date. His has performed well in this series and ranked at this position. His top cash match he played on 28th Feb. 2013. This was main event of world poker tour. This was and classic poker tour, he was placed at 2nd rank in this series from 517 entries. He has won $651,170 in this series and 1750 points.

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