Patrik Antonius Calling Rightly With Queen High and Kenneth Vaas Winning Kings of Vegas package

Patrik Antonius is one of those rare players who keeps high level of consistency in winning high stake ring games, irrespective of the kind of action taking place online or off. He is also known for his unorthodox poker play and most of the times is found correct with his judgments.
The blog title “Patrik Plays Queen High” at Full Tilt recall one of the “don’t try it at home” occasion, which featured Antonius with just queen high on an ace-high board called rightly an over-bet on the river. For further details you can visit the Full Tilt blog to know how he pulled it off and also there is a video posted there that will allow you to watch it as it has been played by him.

News in the blog is Kenneth Vass winning the Kings of Vegas Package worth $6,000. If you are not aware, Partypoker is gifting away Kings of Vegas package numbering 25 and the luxury package is worth $6k. The package include an opportunity to visit Sin City where you can participate in WPT500 Aria.

Kenneth Vass, the recreational online poker player from Canada is the freshest to win the prize which would allow him to visit City of the Lights. The blog with the title on his way to WPT500, says that Kenneth Vass is more than excited with his luck of winning the free offer to play the $2 million prize money tournament WPT500 Aria via the Kings of Vegas package.

Well, he is also nervous as he is not accustomed playing live as he had no experience of it in the past. All he said was that he was highly excited but also honestly nervous at the same time. He further said he has never touched real chips with his hand as he has not played live poker, however the chance offered to him is a great opportunity to redeem what he lacked for the live events and at the same time improving on his poker face. Good luck to you Kenneth for your first live tournament.

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