American Gaming Association Wish to Support Gaming In Japan

Japan is country where gaming is not legal but this country has a big mass who want gaming into their country. Now, these people are to going to have support of an unusual associate in the United States. This associate is none other than the American Gaming Association that itself is willing to support the country so that the casino gambling could be legalized.

There is pending bill related to the legalizing the casino gambling in the country. A number of legislators including Mr. Shinzo Abe who is Prime minister of the Japan, are in favor to pass this bill as soon as possible. There is big reason behind making haste for passing this bill is that the country is going to host the 2020 Summer Olympics also known as Games of the XXXII Olympiad, and all legislators want to pass the bill before this Summer Olympics because it would encourage the tourism as well as it would also increase the tax revenue.

This is such a bill that is supported by a number of legislators along with the Prime minister of the Japan but it could not be passed in the country. Due to one or another reason, the bill could not receive enough traction that it could be passed. One of the greatest reasons behind this is a minority coalition partner, Komeito who is backed by Buddhist, they believe that if the gamming bill pass in the country it would not be in favor of the residents of the country because gambling cannot be socially responsible.

There are a number of casino operators who are planning for integrated casino resorts; they also want to this gambling bill should be passed in this session because if it could not be passed, they could not execute their plan. Have a fun!

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