Becki Vincent: Experienced Moody Poker Player

Becki Vincent was born United State. She started playing her 1st tournament in the year 1991.

In her first tournament she won $ 660 and got 6th rank in Las Vegas, Queen Poker Classic event. Her next tournament was in the same city of Las Vegas which was US Open Event, in which she scored 4th position and won $ 2,624. In the year 1991 she played four big tournaments and scored top ranks. She continued playing in the year 1992. In this year she only played for two tournaments and had score top ranks. After that she also played in the year 1994. This year she played for only one tournament, in which her and winning amount had gone bit low.

She had some top wining tournaments, in which she won a heavy amount of cash. Her most top cashed tournament was played in the year 1993 in Las Vegas. In this event she won $ 18,860 and was ranked 2nd the tournament. After that her largest tournament which she played was in the year 1992 in which she ranked 1st and had won $ 16,805.
She stopped playing after 1994 and had taken a small gap of six year. In the year 2000 she played her next tournament in Las Vegas. After a gap of six year also she had won a good rank of 8th and got $1,190 as prize money.

After these tournaments also she took a big gap of twelve year. When, she returned back she was again in her full sprit of wining. She played this event in the year 20012 in Los Angeles. The event was LA Poker Classic. In this event also scored a top rank of 7th and had won $2,250.This was her last event played in the LA. After this event she was not registered for any events.

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