Ted Forrest-Poker possesses 6 bracelets

When you plan to choose a game, you can choose a game that offers peace to your mind. You need to choose the game which can be a perfect option for you to proceed upon. There are a lot many games, yet a game like Poker is quite something as it’s easy to manage by a professional who knows the game backwards too. Such a professional is Ted because he holds 6 bracelets.
Ted Forrest is a player from America. The player resides is Nevada. He was born in New York in 1964. The player has won the very three bracelets in the very same year that is 1993 thus making the audience and also the people to pay attention towards him. He is such a professional player, who paid his focus on playing only poker after 1990’s. Again by the year 2004, the player played Poker, and has won 2 bracelets making a dazzling victory. The player also has won the WPT title too, making him turn as a very professional and a sound player. The Poker player is given the nicknames as professor backwards, The suicide king, the hitman and also as spooky.
As spooky:
The player has played and also has won the bracelets in these following years three times in 1993, 2 times in 2004 and also once in 2014 too. But, it’s a tragedy that the player has lost his first three bracelets which was actually stolen, and the another bracelet he offered to his daughter, then he has locked the one more bracelet of his. The player is much knowable for his high stake gambling. By the year 2014, Ted gave a defeat to Phil Hellmuth who is the very renowned player too in the field of poker, which is a Razz event.

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