Sorel Mizzi

Professional Pokers are plentiful and many players turn playing this game for the craze that the players possess. Among such professional Pokers, Sorel Mizzi is the Canadian based American Poker player. Sorel was born in April 16, 1986 in Canada.

Playing Poker is his hobby which he plays online under the name Imper1um and as Zangbezan24. Sorel has earned a lot through playing online Poker game. Live tournament of Sorel includes a finish at the tenth place by the year 2006 Ultimate Bet Aruba Poker Classic.

Playing very much professionally:
In 2007, Sorel has won the Event #7 of FTOPS III. A few months later, Morel has won the 2nd FTOPS title. These two spectacular victory ahs made the player much familiar giving him the second place in the history of FTOPS to win the event for twice. Winning the third place in the year 2007 Irish Poker Open and also secured the 2nd place in the 2008 Pot Limit Omaha event at 2008 World Series of Poker Europe. By the year 2007, Sorel cashed thrice at 2007 World Series of Poker.

By 2008, Sorel has won the 2008 Five Diamond World Poker Classic. He earns more where he gets the huge cash by betting Titan Poker Company. By the year 2010, Sorel bagged the titles PTPR Tournament Poker Player and as Bluff Player of the year. Having won various titles and numerous cash in the hands, Sorel is a regular in online high stakes cash game. Achieving 15 money finish and 3 final tables, Sorel is much familiar for his playing. Considering that his passion towards playing Poker, Sorel has won a SCOOP title for achieving the 1st place in event #32 and then the 2nd place in WPT High Roller Event.

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