John Monnette as an aggressive player

A very successful player, John Monnette is also a very aggressive one. He does not mince his words, nor does he control his emotions. He has never been known for his calm and cool nature; if there are no fireworks when he is on the table, it would be a surprise.

Though a very temperamental player, he has proved his hand at the game and has shown the world what he can do. His grip over the game has taken him places and he is now the most reckoned player in the circuit. For more than a decade now, he has been playing and winning.

Originally from Southern California, John Monnette completed his higher education from San Diego. His forte was management science and he used his education to make sure that he had his strategies in place. This would mean that he has the best moves up his sleeve and that there is nothing which can stop him from winning the game when he sets his mind to. Once he finished his college, he made up his mind to put his hand on the game and started playing them with gust and vigor.

To learn the ropes of the game, he decided to put in immense practice; this would mean spending a lot of time mastering the game. His dedication to learn everything about the game lead him to spent a lot of time at the tables and ensure that there is no stone which is left unturned to win the game. His keen interest and desire for the game made him reach the winner’s table without much ado. As he was interested in winning huge cash prizes, he played his hand accordingly. And he was successful in winning what he wanted in life. His dedication and determination of the game is what made him a hero in the eyes of his peers.

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