Theo Jorgensen Getting Back to his Normal Life

Last year Theo Jorgensen was attacked in his own home and he was shot by robbers total three times. This incidence is over for Theo Jorgensen and his family. Now they are getting back to his normal life.

After this sad incidence, Theo Jorgensen has made quick recovery. He is back to his business also. We are hoping a deep run from Theo Jorgensen in near future. We are sure that he would perform in the same way as he was doing in the past. Theo Jorgensen is doing extremely well at EPT London main event and he is ranked number five among fifteen players. It is quite interesting to know how Theo Jorgensen is behaving in his personal and professional life.

According to Theo Jorgensen, he and his family were not upset by the incidence and they are facing the situation positively. It would take certain time to recover but they are getting back to their normal life slowly. His leg has been recovered and he is not feeling any pain more. According to his statement, he would give his best shot at the final table. He is not interested in gaining any sympathy because of past incidence. At the final table, there are fifteen legend players doing amazingly in the poker world. It is very tough to compete against all fifteen faces. We are not sure who will make the final table this season. We are hoping a deep run from Theo Jorgensen this season.

When it comes to poker, Theo Jorgensen does not feel any pain in his leg. He is very much positive about his coming life. He wanted to live his life peacefully. He wanted to become his family strength and he wanted to see them happy. He wanted to get media attention again to become more popular in the near future.

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