Will Annie Duke Really Make A Come Back?

For some weeks now the work has continued to be treated with amazing poker shows. With most players displaying their professional tactics making the poker games more thrilling and a must watch. For some reason, even the old legends, people who left the games years ago can resist getting back to the table. Maybe for the cash because, as recently witnessed, the amount of cash being played for is quite irresistible. Or maybe, it’s the love of the games.

The recent player or at least used to be a player to be taken on record stating her urge and desire to get the chance to sit around the tables again is Annie Duke. In an interview, she couldn’t help making a resurgence concerning her interest in making a big comeback. The World Series Bracelet winner told the Fox Business network on an interview where about the gambling industry in the United States. The industry has been struggling to be legalized in with some states. Most affected is the online poker game that most states and countries have failed to legitimize.

At the interview Annie was introduced to the audience as the “former Professional Poker Player”. It has been quite some time since she was last seen in action. However, she largely defended the gambling and poker industry as a legal and a regulated enterprise. The interview was conducted by John Sotsell. The 47 years old was once a prominent face in the poker and gambling since her last epic poker league last year in bankruptcy. With her co- guest they highly vocalized some of the classical arguments in defense of gambling as a legitimate business. If she comes back, most critics will argue that she will find it her regaining the position she previously held in the industry.

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