Who is Ylon Schwartz

Ylon Schwartz is a poker who has great ambitions in the field as a poker. He has made his goals realistic through many challenges, which has given him an opportunity to raise his bar above his limits to meet his career ambitions. Ylon Schwartz was born in 1970, New York City. The player has gone with huge cashes from previous games and scooped a subsequent win in 2008. The poker made a lot of cash during this time.

Ylon Schwartz has been crowned in different poker games and now is a world poker player. He is a winner of a bracelet in the World Series. The young player was not devoted in schoolwork and after school; he used to play poker earning 100 dollars per day. As a young player, the first poker he won was only 2 dollars cash prize. Although he used to get in and out of jobs after school, Ylon Schwartz later devoted his career in gambling. His schooling days were not very good as he failed academically.

Growing in the streets of Manhattan, he realized that he had a special liking as a player and plunged in his career as a professional poker making him a great poker in the world charts. Ylon Schwartz continued playing despite of the challenges prevailing and was named on many world charts as an outstanding poker player.

Since his mother had cancer, he spent much time looking after her during his 20s. After his mother died in 2003, Ylon Schwartz became serious again in his games and was able to scoop a wonderful prize in 2005. This was a changing state to his profession and he now plays professional poker as a world figure. He appears in many tournaments cashing in more money. The player’s hard work has made him professionally successful.

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