Omaha 8 won by 71 year old

A 71 year retired Airman of the US Air Force Mr. Herbert Tapscott won the biggest of poker tournament which is the Omaha 8 tournament in Las Vegas last Sunday. Before Herbert there were 967 players who entered the event and made it an authentic record holder for the largest tournaments of this kind ever.

Tapscott earned 264,400 dollars after he defeated the winner of Triple Crown, Gavin Griffin. Herbert said that he is playing poker since a long time. He said that he started playing poker while he was in the barracks and that was I the late 50’s.

He said that while working they used to travel a lot and while travelling he came across many casinos and poker games and suddenly few of them started sharing our money by playing poker. Gradually it became our habit and after retiring from the post of Airman, he thought of playing poker. Though he has not played for huge money because at that time three or four dollars was huge for us, but now playing for huge money is of more fun and too much excitement.

In yesterday’s tournament Herbert won more than quarter million dollars and he is really happy with his achievement. This was the biggest prize he has ever won. He is now connected to WSOP every year from 2003. Tapscott is playing poker in Tunica since casinos were opened over there. After he got out of the service, he started playing poker and he is enjoying it.

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