Thor Hansen Has Passed Away

The Poker world got one of the saddest news in recent times when the legend of the sport, Thor Hansen’s death news spread all over the community. He had been suffering from cancer and was fighting against the disease for many years now. At the time of his death, he was 71 years old and the exact time of death is not yet known although he passed sometime in either December 4 or December 5.

The effort of Hansen was instrumental in spreading the game of Poker to both European countries and the Scandinavian nations. He was first brought to the limelight in the year 1987 when he made to the finals of the Grand Prix of the sport three times and this announced his arrival and domination to the scene of Poker.
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New Jersey Online Poker Market Losing Streak Comes To An End

June was only the second month when the liquidity acquired from the online poker market was shared between the states, Nevada and New Jersey. Thanks to the spike in revenues, the graphs have started to go in the right direction.

According to the casino regulators in New Jersey, the revenue from the month of June had upped by 1.3% as compared to June 2017. June 2017 was one of the worst months for New Jersey Online Poker as its revenue fell 12% from that acquired in June 2016. Another city, Delaware is also a member of the liquid sharing scheme.

Although the 1.3% sharing is not really drastic, it does indicate a reverse of fortunes of the online poker market for the Garden State. The first half of 2018 was no good, with the revenues declining by 11.5% when compared to the revenue generated in the first half of the last year.
The liquid sharing arrangement is not having an immediate effect, since even May witnessed a fall in revenues of 9% from May 2017. As a result, when June finally showed up profits, it ended a 15 – month losing streak much to the relief of poker lovers and the poker market. Although when the revenues of June 2018 are compared to May 2017, the revenues did fall, this method of comparison is not effective as year to year comparison. This positive rise has happened in spite of the fact that only one online poker operator has been able to cater to the pool of players from different states.

These signs indicate that indeed, the liquid sharing arrangement works. Going ahead, more states are expected to enter into the agreement. Pennsylvania, which is expected to commence online poker gaming from this year, is also expected to be interested in sharing their players online. Michigan, New York and Connecticut are the other states who are interested in the liquid sharing arrangement.

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2017 WSOP $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Event Goes Gaurav’s Way

The 33-year-old Gaurav Raina based in Athens is over the moon after claiming his first WSOP gold bracelet.

He was happy to show off the gold bracelet in his hand to the shutterbugs. The big thing about this win by Gaurav was that he was able to get the better of the strong 1086 entrants to win the first place prize money of $456,822. He competed in the 2017 WSOP $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Event.

This win is the first major win of his career and before this event; Gaurav had just $9,749 as cash prize from the WSOP events. His total live tournament earnings stood at $200,000 before winning this major tournament event. The event also was a dragging one. It is scheduled to complete in three days. But, there were 30 players who survived day 3 and the game was extended to the 4th day. This shows the kind of competition that Gaurav had to face in the last couple of days of the event.

Gaurav entered day 3 of the event in the 11th chip position and was soon able to accumulate enough chips to gain many spots and had to enter into a final face off against James Calvo. Raina had 4,000,000 chips entering day 4 and Calvo had 9,600,000 chips in his kitty. Gaurav said that he had a sleepless night after the day 3 play and this was due to the chip disadvantage that he was going through.

Raina had a very good session at the start of day 4. Only after five hands, Raina scored a double up. He did not let go his new found advantage and tightened his grip on Calvo and the title. Calvo flopped on the final hand of the event and Gaurav was able to send Calvo to the second spot.

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Online Poker Plan In Illinois Might Take Shape

The Illinois House will be considering the option of an online poker plan in Illinois to make it a legal gambling option.

It has been found by the lawmakers in Illinois that many of its residents are resorting to illegal online gambling. They are trying their luck out in many of the unregistered and unregulated online websites that are operated by offshore operators. These offshore operators are not bound by the taxation or the regulation in the United States. By making online poker sites legal in Illinois the government can earn a decent income in the form of taxation and the Illinois residents can play their favorite games without any inhibitions and worries.

The bill for the online casino games is already cleared by the Senate through a 42 to 10 vote a few weeks ago. This new measure will now be considered in the House Executive Committee. The bill was HB 479 and it was introduced in January. There was a feeling that this bill will not gain good momentum in 2017. But, on the contrary, now the bill has been cleared by the Senate and it is now up to the House Executive Committee to give its clearance to make it legal.

The Poker Players Alliance has decided to support the measure when it comes up at the meeting that is said to take place next week. The legislation is sponsored by Rep. Michael Zalewski in the House and by Senators Pat McGuire, Kwame Raoul, Napoleon Harris, Steve Stadelman and Dave Syverson of the legislative chamber.

If the online poker plan gives a nod, it is estimated to bring about $300 million in revenue to the Illinois state. Bringing the online poker to Illinois can give a good boost to the live poker games. The Illinois poker market stands at $33.4 million in the first three months of this year and is down by nine percent compared to its revenues last year during the same period.

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Doyle Brunson Reveal Something On Twitter

Hall of Fame of Poker game Doyle Brunson had a session of a wild cash game.

This happened on Tuesday evening in Las Vegas. Here is the detail what happened on the evening of Tuesday.

Doyle Brunson is now 83-year-old and was playing poker in Las Vegas. He spoke about a contestant in the event without revealing his identity. Burnson used his twitter account and said he saw a player in the event who run just three big bets in the mixed game of $2,000-$4,000 up to a the stack of $550,000. Brunson did not even reveal about the person had originally bought in for.

Brunson said after a minute of this incidence he witnessed two players unnamed of high-stakes get into an argument. The argument became so strong that they threw the chips of poker whose cost was $150,000 onto the floor. The entire incident happened in the Bellagio’s poker room.

In his other twit Brunson said he was playing in the game and he lost about $150,000 there. The comment Bruson o twitter does not reveal anything about any false things happened to him, but, yes Brunson has some doubt in his mind about his losses.

Brunson has taken the retirement from World Series of Poker tournaments. However, the player can seen competing in high stake games in Las Vegas.

Brunson is ten time winner of WSOP and has a huge career winning amount. Last year, the player was targeted by the robbers when he won a high stake event in the Las Vegas.

He informed about the incident to the police. Though, in the robbery, Bruson did not lose anything because the won cash amount was not at home. Burson says he used to carry a pistol with him all the time.

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Harwood Claims The Inaugural DTD 200 Title

Daniel Harwood is a happy man. He has gone £20,400 richer after clinching the first ever DTD 200 event.

This is the third largest poker event prize money that Harwood has won in his poker career so far. He was victorious at the DTD200 event at Dusk Till Dawn held in Nottingham.

In July 2015 DeepStack event at DTD, Hardwood came third with a cash prize of £22,500 for a £300 buy and followed this with a £22,540 win in the UKIPT London Main Event in the month of April last year. After winning the DTD200 event, he has added a sum of £19,850 to his lifetime poker earnings.

The second place at the DTD200 event went to Seb Pawlak with an earning of £11,650 and the Oliver Stone was the player who finished in the third position at the inaugural DTD200 event with a prize of £7,650. All the players who had entered the final seat at the DTD200 event have won a chance to compete in the£550 million.

The first player to get eliminated after entering the nine-handed final table was Naaman Morris. Lee West finished in the eighth position despite having pocket kings as it ran into the pocket aces held by Seb Pawlak. The World Series of Poker bracelet winner Lawrence Gosney did not have a good time at the DTD 200 final table as he was eliminated from the table pretty soon and ended his run in the 6th position.

Tim Slater suffered two losses in the back-to-back hands and has to finish in the 4th position. Stone was the next player to go out of the competition and finished the event in 3rd position with total prize netting about £7,650 with a mere investment of £220.

The DTD 200 will return again from Jan 19 to Jan 22 with a guaranteed prize pool of £100,000.

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Ivey Lost Appeal Of 7.7 Million

Phil Ivey a professional poker player lost his appeal that was made against a casino of London.

The appeal was about £7.7 million and he lost it because of the use of “edge-sorting”. It is a gambling technique and it involves exploitation of card design irregularities that is there on back of card.

Phil Ivey played baccarat alias Punto Banco at Crockfords club in Mayfair. After finishing the tournament, Ivey was told to go back home and his winning amount will be sent soon. Ivey waits to get winning amount, but that never came. Instead, he got his stake amount of £1m back. In 2014, High Court dismissed his appeal, saying that, there was irregularity found in winning of the game.

Genting the casino operator on the appeal said ‘Ivey used edge-sorting technique to get an advantage and it is not a legitimate strategy and casino does not own any liability for same.”

Edge-sorting is a tactic that allows players to predict a card whether it is high or low. It can be done by finding tiny irregularity at the back of the card. The difference is because of manufacturing defects and some deck of the casino had these types of cards. The irregularity can be broken ring, half circle at the edge of the card etc.

Ivey took advantage of these minor irregularities and won the game. Casino says “Ivey exploits this manufacturing defect and thus breach the gaming contract.”

The court of appeal, Lady Justice Arden said on the occasion that, it was breach of game contract and thus dismissed the hearing of Ivey.

“It is not like a casino intentionally place defected card at the deck. It is not a defect, but it is a minor change that is acceptable up to 0.3mm” said manufacturer of cards at casino.

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Role Of Affiliates In Poker Rooms

The role of affiliates remains uncertain and low on the priority as per gaming regulations.

This is becoming evident as per Chief Executive of Remote Gambling Association. Clive Hawks Wood, who handles this position, spoke at the Betting on Sports conference that was held in London recently. Here the issue of affiliates was discussed with respect to regulations for online gaming. This is a reflection of the current trends that are in place. Regulators offer licensing across countries in Europe. Affiliates are definitely not a primary issue here. This could also be because affiliates and their role in the online gaming industry are still not grasped well by the regulators. The Gambling commission has recently issued a paper on social gaming, eSports and virtual currencies that are seen pertinent in the world of online gaming.

Here the affiliate issue is still not being talked about. It definitely makes sense as most gaming regulators do not understand much about online gambling. They are getting educated about this world slowly as most of these people do not indulge in online gaming themselves. The issue of affiliates is definitely seen low in the list of priorities for the gaming regulators.

Role of affiliates in general is that marketers who are linked to online gaming sites. Affiliates usually link up to these sites and get players to sign up based on which they are paid a commission. Many affiliates have sites of their own where they advertise gambling sites. If anyone clicks on their links and signs up at a poker room or gambling site that is linked to the clicks, the affiliates get paid. Before affiliate sites did not offer anything worthy of reading or browsing besides ads and flash banners of different sites. Today they offer associated content and help increase traffic to online gaming or gambling sites.

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Rick Block wins Western NY Poker Challenge

On Monday, New York professional player Rick Block took down Western New York Poker Challenge 2016 Main Event at Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino.

Rick, who selected his 2nd major title at the Seneca Niagara title, following up on Seneca Fall Classic 2014 victory for US$ 40050, came into Monday’s final 6 as the chip leader as well as never looked back on the path to a US$ 52768 score.

Extra success for Rick came in the years 2015 and 2013 when he won the very first event of the Seneca Niagara Summer Slam 2015 for US$ 15000 and the Seneca Niagara Fall Poker Classic 2013 US$ 500 Reentry for US$ 9127.

The days very first elimination came very quickly when Joseph Reichenbacher bunked a small duo into Dan Wagner’s actuates to say goodbye in 6th. After that, Wagner then carried on to do all the heavy elevating, breaking Ray LaRouech in 5th and Newton Graziono in 4th, taking the chip lead into 300 play.

But this is when Rick put his foot on the gas, acquiring a series of mid-sized pots outpipping Dans pairs and abstracting the lead away. Finally, Block 4-bet shoved a set and Dan called off with 2 pair to end his solid run in 3rd.

Heads-up did not stayed long, with Rick shoving 2 pair in just the 1st few hands this time, lifting his fist when Johnson called it off along with jacks on an ace-high board. Two duo held and Rick was decisively and suddenly Western New York Poker Challenge Main Event 2016 champ.

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Meanwhile, play money poker application of Full Tilt marks the very first top online poker brand to become a part of the Steam market. Steam has approximately one-hundred-twenty-five
million gamers using their services

Last week, as quoted by Poker Industry PRO, Full Tilt Managing Director Dominic Mansour said that the scope to introduce their game to the millions of players who make up the Steam gaming community is really important to them.

He added that they would be the very first top online poker brand on the platform and the move underlines their strategic intentions to explore brand new avenues for their games. Greenlight qualification process has been very interesting and has offered them with some excellent insights into the wider gaming community.

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